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Meet Patients Who Were Given The Gift Of Life Through Blood Donations

Lauren Frame December 21, 2021

As we near the pinnacle of the season of giving, you can still make a difference for those in need. And the greatest gift of all won’t cost you anything but a little of your time. 
With each blood donation, you can give the gift of life to up to three people, and it only takes about an hour. If you need a little more motivation to schedule your first donation appointment (or your 100th), take a few minutes to read about the incredible difference blood donors just like you have made for a few eternally grateful people in our community.

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Meet Charliealt text
Charlie was diagnosed with Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2020. He spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital that year, and had two other month-long stays earlier this year. Charlie’s parents said the gift of blood and platelet donations supported their son throughout his treatment and kept him strong when he relapsed in May. This fall, Charlie was able to receive another lifesaving gift: a bone marrow transplant from his father. After spending some more time in the hospital as his immune system recovered, Charlie was able to go home to be with his family. 

Read more about Charlie here.

Meet Johnalt text
When John had COVID in July, he experienced a serious stomach bleed. He required two blood transfusions during his weeks in the hospital. Though his church and wife helped support him while he regained his strength, the generous gift of life from blood donors helped him come back to life, slowly but surely. John remains thankful for the support he received in numerous ways from his community.

Read more about John here.

Meet Hibaalt text
After 18 hours of labor, Hiba was able to look into her daughter’s eyes for the first time and experience that unique love and bond. But a complication left the new mom waning in and out of consciousness. Post-partum hemorrhaging had caused severe blood loss, and Hiba needed a transfusion fast. “Three pints from three strangers. I'll never know who they are, and they'll never know who they helped. And the beautiful thing is it doesn't matter, because we all bleed red. There's an immense sense of selflessness in giving from yourself to help others — unconditionally.” Hiba is now a regular blood donor herself, giving that precious gift of life to others, “so that they, too, can have more time on this Earth to love and be loved.”

Read more about Hiba here.

Do you have a story about how blood donations have touched your life? Share your story here. 

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Lauren Frame

Lauren Frame is a Graphic Designer at OneBlood. She has a passion for motivating and educating blood donors through storytelling.

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