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Where Are They Now: Olivia's Story

OneBlood November 03, 2021

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Olivia Rodriguez was featured as our I Am OneBlood testimonial story back in 2017 after she received multiple lifesaving blood transfusions and platelets along with an emergency surgery due to uncontrolled hemorrhaging. 

We recently received an update from Olivia and her mother, Kellie, about her remarkable recovery and efforts to use her story to inspire others to save lives!

Olivia's Mother Shares A Message

"After Olivia’s hospital stay during the Christmas of 2015, we were so grateful to the donors who saved her life along with amazing doctors.

She had a long year ahead of extensive testing, continuous blood draws consistent hemoglobin checks but she became stronger each day. 

Olivia wanted to give back so she hosted a blood drive because she wanted to bring awareness to her school and community.
Olivia’s education to her friends, family, and community has been so wonderful. 

To see people who have never given blood overcome their hesitation was amazing. And those who have given blood in the past have decided to do so more frequently because of Olivia’s awareness. alt text
Olivia is an honor student in high school and would like to pursue a medical field in her college studies. 

Olivia loves animals, especially her Grandmother's parrot! She does work part-time pet sitting and babysitting. We also have a diabetic dog Lilly she helps care for.

We’ve always had a saying since Olivia received her life-saving transfusions and to encourage others to donate: “You may not know the life you save but promise you they will be forever grateful” - Kellie

Olivia Checks In! 

"I would like to thank those who continue to donate in our community. I will never know the person whose blood I received, but it was a gift I will be forever thankful for. alt text

I would tell someone who has never donated to please consider it because it is very rewarding to know you can save someone’s life by doing so. 

I hope someday I will be able to be a blood donor, but until l then will help in any way I can to encourage others to do so!" - Olivia

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